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Software as a Service

We are experts at building SaaS products.

Software as a Service

We are experts in building SaaS products.

Our Advantage

Our company has built SaaS products for customers, however we also have our own SaaS products that are global solutions. This expertise gives us many advantages over regular software developers.

Offer access to
Our massive specialised SaaS software library 
to keep your production costs low

Beautiful software
designing software for SaaS is different to regular software projects

Software Integration
Connecting applications together
our team are experts in software integration, we work with some of the most complex API's in the world.

Failure is not an option in SaaS
todays customers are incredibly impatient with software technology, you simply can't have silly errors. We get this, building for SaaS is a different mind-set.

Software Launch
when the product is all done and delivered...
you need to know how to launch and because we have expertise from our own SaaS products, we know what to do here.

Build to succeed.

Stay Safe
you need a team of software developers that REALLY understands data security, that's us.

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Our Promise To You

You will always get expert advice from our dedicated Client Relations staff. A business & technology expert will help you through the process of understanding how our developers will approach building your solution, what technologies we plan to use, and how long we think it will take to build the software application you want to buy.


Every software application built by Corporate Interactive includes 30 days complimentary support after go live. You can extend that coverage for the life of the software product by purchasing a Software Maintenance Support Plan.


Every project comes with professional care & advice, premiere service & support, with talents and skills that traverse across the world of web software and mobile application development.

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