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You are not alone

Any project, at any organisation, and with any team can fail.

You are not alone

Any project, at any organisation, and with any team can fail.

Time is of the essence

Any project, at any organisation, and with any team can fail. However, projects never go from being well managed, on budget, and on schedule to outright failures overnight. There is always a transitional period, during which the project is “troubled” and it is during this time that a window of opportunity exists in which to rescue the project.


It’s surprising how many businesses share the same challenges when asked what concerns them about their software developer. Whether you engage an offshore or local development firm, when a project has become “troubled” the symptoms are the same.

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Symptoms of Trouble


Has the frequency of communication slowed or is there a reluctance to continue work on your project?


Is the software you receive poor quality or missing functionality you were promised?


Is your software developer slow to respond to new requests, making you miss important business deadlines?


The budget you agreed has been used but not all the software features have been delivered.


The first release of your software was delivered, however you find that further updates are more expensive than you thought they would be.


Your software crashes regularly?


You’re paying good money for low quality work that’s full of bugs.


Your success
is our

Our Promise To You

You will always get expert advice from our dedicated Client Relations staff. A business & technology expert will help you through the process of understanding how our developers will approach building your solution, what technologies we plan to use, and how long we think it will take to build the software application you want to buy.


Every software application built by Corporate Interactive includes 30 days complimentary support after go live. You can extend that coverage for the life of the software product by purchasing a Software Maintenance Support Plan.


Every project comes with professional care & advice, premiere service & support, with talents and skills that traverse across the world of web software and mobile application development.

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